“Kaitos gets bit by something on an urbexing trip.
Hiding the side effects from everyone proves difficult, and just when Kaitos is getting desperate he stumbles to a whole new world of trouble – quite literally.
One of his classmates offers to help him but easing Kaitos’ transformations isn’t their only issue: attacks keep happening in the city on full moon nights.”

Werewulf is set in Blishav, a fictional country in northern Europe. Many of the place names are in Finnish or Swedish.
Kaitos and almost all the other characters have existed a long time and Werewulf is largely based on roleplays between the authors.

Werewulf will feature bad language, nudity, and mildish gore. We’d rate it about PG13.

We are a married team! (In February 2020)
Jeimsi does the drawing, editing, and site maintenance, etc.
nokonuuka is the writer of Werewulf, a novel length piece of writing started in 2015 where our characters live their fantasy lives.

Werewulf was first launched on Smackjeeves in July 2018. We left the site after the late 2019 update, and the comic can now be read here on our home page, on Tapas, and on Jeimsi’s Patreon.