Hiatus continues

So, I was hoping to start posting again in July, but I can see that it will be impossible. We have moved to a new place, I’ve had to go back to 100% hours at work, and I’m in a bad place mentally and physically.

My drawing hand can handle maybe two hours of activity on good days, which are few. We have less people at work at the moment which means I work a shift every other week that puts my hand out of commission for that week.

And with everything going on in the world, added to my own stressors – I am just 24/7 exhausted.

But there are good news too!
Our puppy Kita is growing up fast, he’s four months on the 24th. He’s still a work in progress of course, but he is getting better with the cats, with walking, and being house broken. He’s a brave puppy!
The new apartment we’re in is bigger, cooler, and has quieter neighbors than our previous one.

At the moment I am aiming to start updating in September. I’ll make a more precise update when I know I can draw again. Thanks for reading!